ME N ME part-1

I hate bus?? 

After pleading for so many times for a new bike, all i heard “access denied”. I was 18 and since I first sat on a bike, I was waiting to turn 18 and open my eyes on my birthday and run outside the house to see a beautiful new bike waiting to be unwrapped. But then as many people say ‘Dreams are Dreams’ and in my case “every dream is just a dream”. 

(pic- shutter stock photo) 
After struggling and crawling my way through the entrance exams I finally scored enough to get to PU. The common student’s dream to get a merit admission in Pune University. Well and that was the day I finally left for Pune. After going through a long list of Do’s and don’ts by parents i finally was at Bus. The most awful day of my life was here, not even a car to get me to my room where i was supposed to stay for next few years. Dad was at work and I had enough of melodrama by mom already so I just left with my bags and came to bus stop waiting for bus to arrive so i can finally get out of here and atleast stay in peace for a while, but well that was just a dream again I was on bus stop full of people with their constant buzz and squeaking noises of retarted red tin cans or some call it Bus. I boarded on my bus and at least I made reservations. I got on my place and put my one bag up and one the seat along with me hoping that some one of my age will come sit with me not some old ladies so i will atleast be watching some ‘game of thrones’. 
Bus was about to leave and finally a last row and only a seat beside me was vacant. I simply took a sigh of relief that i will atleast be alone in peace as I put my earphones somebody knocked on the door of the bus. “shiiiit” it was obvious that the next person coming through was going to claim the rights to seat beside me. And a girl stepped in. I looked at her she had a phone in her one hand purse in the same hand and one bag on her shoulders and other in other hand dragging it in. I smoothly moved my bag aside clearly making my seat available. As she turned, she was kind of a normal looking girl with long hair and normal jeans and top on but she dragged her luggage up and smiled like a she won a Olympic medal for that. And that smile just made her look normal to Beautiful. She looked at the whole bus,  I turned my eyes back down like I wasn’t even looking at her. I had songs on in my earphones as she moved past my seat. “damn it can’t you see there is clearly a seat here.” I exclaimed in my own mind and went back inside my phone and suddenly somebody tapped me on shoulder.

This is the start of the story “me and me”  which i wrote in marathi few years back but trying to do it english now.. 

I will update a part daily as per response.